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Homeopathic Medicine For Rheumatoid Arthritis

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You can check the homeopathic medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis in this article below.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis also known as RA is an autoimmune and inflammatory condition in which your immune system unintentionally attacks healthy cells in your body, leading to inflammation in the area of your body affected. RA primarily targets joints, typically a number of joints at once.

Cause of rheumatoid arthritis

Due to the immune system’s attack on healthy body tissue, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease but the cause of this is not yet understood. In order to fight infection, your immune system typically produces antibodies that target viruses and bacteria.

Signs and symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis

More than one joint is a pain

Several joint stiffnesses at once

Joint redness, swelling, and tenderness

Limited joint range of motion


Loss of appetite

Muscular pain


Diagnosis for RA

RA(Rheumatoid arthritis) factor

Xray of joint

ESR(Erythrocyte sedimentation rate)

CRP( C- Reactive Protein)

CBC(Complete blood count)

Homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Are you looking for a successful treatment for rheumatoid arthritis? You can select the homeopathic treatment because it is without side effects and is natural. Here are a few of the best homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis:

Arnica montana

This medicine may be necessary if you have chronic arthritis and a bruised soreness sensation. Pain occurs in joints that have previously sustained injuries and are made worse by touch.

Bryonia album

This medicine is very effective when all of the joints are inflamed and affected. It is used. The agony is intolerable and gets worse with movement. The inflamed joints swell and turn red.


This medicine is required when arthritis flares up suddenly and is accompanied by heat and excruciating pain. The surface of the joints may feel hot to the touch, and they appear red and inflamed.


During the chronic stages of rheumatoid arthritis, this medicine is typically necessary. The periosteum, synovial membranes, and other muscle tissue are among the tissues it affected. The inflamed areas swell, heat up, and turn red. It is anticipated that the discomfort will get worse through the night. Your fingertips might be numb and your joints might be stiff Addicinally likely feverish feeling.


When there are joint deformities associated with rheumatoid arthritis, one of the main homeopathic medicine used to treat it is Causticum. Over time, the patient becomes weaker, and eventually, the muscles start to deteriorate. During the night the patent experience severe restlessness, Which is primarily related to the leg. Deformities and excruciating pain are probably the results of tendons contracting. The pain is in the form of tears. Keeping the area warm usually makes the pain go away.

Ledum pal

This medicine is for RA cases where the disease first manifests in the feet before progressing upward and affecting the upper joints of the body. Despite feeling cold, the patient is unable to tolerate any warmth. small joints in the feet are frequently impacted. Ankle and toe swelling is a typical symptom.


This medicine is popular among women and is effective. It is applied when smaller joints in the limbs are more affected than their larger counterparts. This medication is primarily used to treat finger arthritis in the hands and feet. Within a short period of time, the pain is constantly shifting positions. You might first feel it on your right hand, and then you might feel it on your left hand shortly after. It gradually moves to the feet as well.

You may consult with an experienced homeopathic doctor regarding the best homeopathic medicine for your RA.

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