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Curd Benefits | Health Benefits of Curd

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Curd is also known as dahi in India or mosaru in Kannada or thayir or perugu or doi or mee or kiri. A milk product curd is made by fermenting milk. The milk must be heated to a boil and then cooled to between 30 to 40 degrees celsius. A spoonful of curd should be added to the milk after it has been cooled in order to start the fermentation process, when milk is left out for several hours or overnight, the bacteria grow and cause the milk to curdle. Eating curd has lots of advantages because it is so nutrient-rich, let’s look at this in greater detail. Milk is fermented by lactobacillus delbrueckii bacteria to produce curd. This microorganism covert the lactose sugar in milk into lactic acid, giving it its distinctive flower and sour taste. milk nutrients are preserved longer in curd. It comes in two varieties: full fat and fat-free, which are made from whole milk and skim milk. You can check health benefits of curd here in this article. Read More!

Nutrition Value of Curd

100 grams of curd contains calories 98Kcal, carbohydrate 3.4grams, saturated fat 8grams, fat 4.3 grams, protein 11grams, potassium 104 mg, magnesium 2%, vitamin A 2%, sodium 364mg, calcium 0.08% , zinc 1mg. Additionally, It also contains vitamin Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

(GI) Glycemic index and (GL) Glycemic load of Curd

Curd falls under the low-GI food category due to its Glycemic index of 45. likewise, at 10.3, its glycemic load is medium. According to the glycemic index, a food’s carbohydrate content determines how quickly blood sugar level rise. Low GI foods support the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar.

Health Benefits of Curd

Good for a healthy heart

Curd actually helps to improve heart health, despite the fact that many people may be misled by its high-fat content. HDL, or good cholesterol, is known to increase it helps to reduce blood pressure or hypertension.

Improves the health of teeth and bone

Phosphorus and calcium levels are present in it. our bones and teeth required calcium like crazy, and curd is an excellent source of both. Your daily calcium and phosphorus needs are greatly reduced by regularly consuming curd. It improves bone density and lower the risk of diseases like tooth carries, weaker gums, osteoporosis, and other condition like arthritis.

Improve immunity

The boost of the immune system is one of the main advantages of curd. The live, active cultures aid in the fight against pathogenic microorganisms.

Prevent vaginal infection

Eating curd has benefits for women, such as preventing the spread of yeast infection. Because of the lactobacillus bacteria is present in curd, it corrects the vaginal yeast balance.

Help in weight loss

Curd is beneficial for weight loss. It reduces the production of cortisol or steroid hormone, it reduced the risk of obesity.

Improve the digestion

Curd is a milk product that promotes gut health. Also, it heals an irritated and inflamed stomach.

Control of high blood pressure

Curd’s magnesium content makes it a great way to lower high blood pressure.

Good for hair

For centuries, curd has been one of the most widely and natural treatments for skin and hair. Indian households are all aware of the advantageous effect of curd or dahi on hair and skin. it is utilized as a natural hair conditioner to give hair a shiny and smooth texture. Lactic acid and its antimicrobial qualities aid in the removal of dandruff from the scalp. when combined with henna, its paste eliminates dandruff and livers hair shiny and soft, and also helps in graying of hair.

Good for skin

Zink and vitamin E, both of which are crucial for healthy skin, are found in abundance in curd. curd can therefore be used in a variety of face packs or directly applied to redient and healthy skin. It serves as a natural bleach and promotes fair skin.

Other benefits

The enormous health benefit of curd includes lowering levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. It promotes mental health by claiming the brain, which lowers stress levels.

It increases appetite as well. Its flavor stimulates the sense of appetite and pleases the plate.

Its vitamin and mineral content is also regarded as an energy booster.

It promotes sleep and treats insomnia.